Pictured: Laura Palmer (yes, named after that Laura Palmer), believed to be closely attached to a certain laboratory at University of Sydney, the Indoor Environmental Quality Lab headed by Professor Professor Richard de Dear, and assisted by Ashak Nathwani, honorary associate, director sustainable design, facilities management & building services at the same lab (also both pictured; her minders you could say).

Laura  (whose namesake in Twin Peaks was decidedly dead) might look a little strange – her knees look a tad on the wobbly side, if that isn’t being a bit knee-ist, but touch her and you will see she has warm flesh. Which could be very disturbing to the unsuspecting.

We don’t know much yet, but we have so far managed to find that Laura is of Danish origin and one of only four such models birthed each year by a dedicated (but most unusual) parent.

Her surface (skin?) heat fluxes in response to changes in temperature in the built environment and in in thermal clothing that might help us combat global warming.

Here are some comments we’ve tracked down, allegedly made by Professor de Dear:

“Searching for thermal pleasure may not make the priority list for employers or staff, but optimal, stimulating thermal environment in an office has transformative potential in terms of staff wellbeing and productivity.”

Hmm we need to know more… will keep you posted.

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