Brookfield’s and Cbus Property’s office portfolios have emerged as the equal best performing on carbon emissions in 2018 according to a new report that shows portfolio-wide NABERS ratings for 11 major property companies.

Both their portfolios had an average NABERS energy rating of 5.3 stars in 2018, with 100 per cent of the portfolio rated.

Property NSW’s office portfolio had the best performing NABERS water rating in 2018.

Local Government Super has the best performing shopping centre portfolio on NABERS energy ratings, with a 4.9 star average (100 per cent of portfolio rated). The company also has the best performing NABERS water shopping centre portfolio.

The report includes portfolio ratings for 11 individual companies representing 19 investment funds, covering a total of 319 offices and shopping centres.

The other companies that have been rated include Abacus, Dexus, Frasers Property, ISPT and Stockland.

The purpose of the report is to make it free and easy for the public to see the sustainability performance of Australia’s biggest property portfolios.

“Australian property companies have led the world in disclosing their sustainability performance to investors using NABERS for many years now,” NABERS director, Carlos Flores, said.

“However, this information has not been readily available to the general public. The NABERS Sustainable Portfolios report will allow anyone to see the sustainability performance of Australia’s leading property companies in 2018 easily at no cost.

“We hope that this initiative will help many property sector leaders share their excellent sustainability results with the broader community.

“We also hope more portfolios join in future reports, reaping the benefits of lower energy and water costs while contributing to a better future.”

The report is on the NABERS website.

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  1. Just pointing out an error in the article in the first line. NABERS benchmarks carbon emissions of properties and not energy efficiency, The two items do not go hand in hand and is a common misconception.