Josh Byrne

Josh’s House, the program that looks at ABC presenter and sustainability expert Josh Byrne’s journey to create an affordable, high-performance home for himself and his family, has returned for a second series, and this time it’s all about performance.

After a year living in the house, Josh is ready to reveal the savings achieved from the house’s design and various implemented technologies.

First off, utility bills have been reduced by $2600 a year. Water use has been reduced by 92 per cent and the house is carbon positive, offsetting more carbon than is used.

The home, using solar passive design, insulation and high internal thermal mass has no need for heating or airconditioning. The temperature was expected to range from 18-28°C in the Perth climate and rarely strayed from this, with an average temperature of 24°C.

What’s even more impressive is that the home was built for the same price as a typical three-by-two home, and in a similar timeframe.

“Josh’s House proves through its state of the art data gathering that affordable and high-performance energy efficient sustainable homes are accessible right now and there’s no reason why the methods Josh has explored shouldn’t be the norm,” a media statement said.

Information on how the affordable, energy-efficient house was built is all available through the Josh’s House website, with plans, factsheets, photos and data all available for those wishing to emulate such a project.

Josh Byrne will MC The Fifth Estate’s Surround Sound event in Perth next Tuesday.

JOSH’S HOUSE – EP 13 – Performance from Josh’s House on Vimeo.

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