We all know technological and price disruption is reshaping the energy markets as we speak. But what do these major changes mean?

What are the opportunities and pitfalls for office buildings in particular?

And more critically, what are your competitors and peers doing?

Our next ebook in the “Greening Your Office” series, produced in collaboration with CitySwitch, will provide you with the logic, information and tools to convince your CEO that getting smart about energy is a win-win course of action.

If your business is to supply renewable products or consult in the area; if you’re a local council or government agency with a program to stimulate take up in this exciting emerging energy sector, then you may need to be part of the story we tell. (See below for details).

Our book will tap a range of resources and industry leaders to reveal how you can take advantage of the shifting landscape to position your business as a sustainability leader, win stakeholder approval and shave costs from the bottom line.

There is no doubt that tenants and landlords alike are already increasingly sophisticated and in the know.

In NSW more than 5000 businesses have already installed solar energy, saving around $25 million a year on utility bills.

They’re sourcing a growing array of options, from on-site solar if the property configuration permits to GreenPower and/or offsets if it doesn’t.

They’re joining renewable buyers forums, such as that managed by WWF. In some cases they’re turning to community-owned models that promise to take entire towns off the grid. If towns can do it then why not urban neighbourhoods or clusters of businesses?

There are also new financing models for renewables, some requiring no up-front costs, using a leasing model or power purchase agreements.

But before embarking on renewable energy, what about tapping your “first” energy – energy efficiency, that is?

It could be more efficiency lighting, fine tuning of the plant and equipment or simply turning things off when they are not in use.

We’ll cover the check points and plans to implement ahead of going renewable.

We’ll look at local, state and national governments to see what they are planning, and take a look at the latest from the grid regulations: what stands in the way of sending commercial scale solar into the grid or to the building across the road?

We will look at case studies, carbon exchanges and offsets, whole-of-life costs of energy systems, micro/private energy grids, energy storage technologies, the role of social values and reputational drivers, and issues around the RET.

If your business is a renewable supplier or consultant to corporates and organisations, or if your organisation is a government agency or department with programs to promote take up of renewable energy, callPaula Wallace on  0404 088 501 before mid May to ensure you can be part of Greening Your Office Energy ebook.

About the “Greening Your Office” series of eBooks:

In collaboration with CitySwitch, this four-part series will cover four critical issues in sustainably transforming your office.

Already published are Green ICT and Office Waste.

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