A database of over 3500 commercial solar projects has been launched by solar analyst SunWiz.

According to SunWiz managing director Warwick Johnston, commercial solar is the next growth area as residential demand begins to soften.

“The solar industry has well and truly picked the low hanging residential fruit and now needs to turn its focus to the commercial market to sustain itself,” Mr Johnston said in a media release.

With the database, users can find local commercial solar power projects, search by business sector or filter by installers.

“Currently there are not many avenues for finding this kind of information,” Mr Johnston said. “Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive database of commercial solar power systems in Australia, and with over 454 megawatts of capacity currently accounted for in our system, I’m confident in saying we’ve done just that.

“Not only is this the most comprehensive database of commercial solar projects in Australia, it’s got additional levels of detail which makes it possible to see what types of businesses have installed solar power, down to the postcode level.

“This is very useful to solar installers who need to find out where opportunities lie in commercial solar.

“If industry confidence and certainty can be lifted by this project, all the better the outcome is from where we sit.”

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  1. Seems this Commercial thing is finally happening.
    Half our business is now commercial and the other half resi.
    See you soon.

    National Sales Manager – Clean Energy Finance

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