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With more businesses seeking flexibility in their use of space, online location marketplace Spacenow has expanded their offerings to cater for a wider range of needs.  

The five year-old start up has gone from focusing primarily on meeting and office spaces to include ghost kitchens, retail pop-ups, photo and film locations, creative spaces and even hotel rooms.

Barrett Ovens

“Flexibility has become almost the biggest key word of the year. Every single person no matter what type of business they’re in, their business models are changing,” Spacenow co-founder Barrett Ovens told The Fifth Estate. 

“It is something that we’ve been pushing for years and years and nobody really wanted to listen, and now flexibility is one of the most used words I hear all the time now on the phone.”

The site now lists well over 10,000 hosts and has managed hundreds more bookings in the past few months, making them on track to meet expectations for the year. 

As the company has continued to recover from the pandemic, they have retained eight staff and are looking to expand with two more sales positions soon to meet increasing demand. 

Mr Ovens said the post-covid surge was well underway, with most of the demand for spaces in the CBDs of its primary markets Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“Towards the end of last year we were predominantly focusing on meetings of two to eight people. Now we’re seeing enquiries up to 500 people and we’re seeing many more companies wanting to get back into the office,” Mr Ovens said. 

“We’re seeing some of these spaces filling their calendars up pretty quickly, so it’s a really good indication that markets are coming back quite strong.”

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