SimplyCarbon in Perth is accepting applications for schools in the Perth metropolitan area interested in being part of a low carbon schools pilot program being run in partnership with the City of Fremantle.

The program aims to help schools reduce their carbon emissions from energy by 20 per cent. It will also provide workshops where participants can learn skills and knowledge needed to reduce resource consumption, carbon emissions and costs.

Schools involved will have monthly meet-ups to assist in implementing initiatives, share learnings and foster partnerships with local businesses and organisations.

The program will also provide teachers with opportunities to embed the low carbon initiatives into the curriculum, in line with the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative framework.

“We are very excited about this program and the huge potential it has to help schools not only reduce their operational costs, but also the positive impact it will have both on students and the wider community,” SimplyCarbon co-director and CRC for Low Carbon Living researcher Samantha Hall said.

“There are so many opportunities to increase the efficiency of our schools, which is particularly important considering rising energy prices and the recent move towards more school autonomy.

“Another exciting outcome of this program will be the facilitation of a low carbon school community where schools, local businesses and community organisations can share experiences and work together. We believe this will play a major role in schools’ transition to low carbon living.”

The City of Fremantle has subsidised 10 schools to participate in the pilot program.

A Curtin University PhD student, who has received funding from the CRC for Low Carbon Living, will be examining the effectiveness of the program, with a focus on its ability to reduce carbon emissions and engage the community with low carbon living.

See SimplyCarbon for further information.

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