Here’s the list of how much reading time you’re spending on our top stories. The top story on the Great Barrier Reef has gone gangbusters and close to one of the top 10 hits of all time. But it’s the attentive reading time that’s got us excited.

The ranking and figures are since Wednesday last week.

You will see, below, that the GBR story is also No 6 since January. And that the perennial favourite Cool Roofs Versus Dark Roofs: a special report, is still doing amazingly well given it was published in 2014. But then again, we know this site is used as a valuable resource for research, so it’s no real surprise.

Top stories since Wednesday                  Reading time

We’ve failed the Great Barrier Reef00:04:42
The Fifth Estate00:02:06
Career View: HY William Chan’s new job at Arup, Berlin00:03:38
Melbourne mixed-use project brings together Passive House and CLT00:02:57
Is this buildings’ VW moment? UK researchers blame “illiterate” energy assessors for performance gap00:04:27
Market Pulse: A shift in focus could see prefab jobs boom00:02:26
Sustainable procurement: Why you need to know about ISO 2040000:04:35
Solar households now Queensland’s “largest power station”00:02:43
Cheap and quick printed solar on the way from Newcastle00:06:13
Investa goes after top tenants with WELL pre-certification            00:03:12

Top stories since 1 January 2017           Reading time

Our pick of jobs this week00:01:44
Cheap and quick printed solar on the way from Newcastle00:04:57
Planners in red hot demand00:04:23
Cool roofs versus dark roofs: special report00:05:08
We’ve failed the Great Barrier Reef00:04:42
Passive House social housing at no extra cost – that’s the plan for Melbourne project00:03:13
Solar and storage could soon be the standard for new homes00:04:44
Empirical evidence of human-induced climate change? Here you go00:06:07
World first geospatial mapping – for nearly every building, nearly every little detail00:03:53

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