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Dear Net Zero,

It is with great excitement that I write this letter. I am the Smart Cities Movement. As we have not formally met, by way of introduction I provide the following context.

As the Smart Cities Movement, I represent a coalition of solution providers, practitioners, entrepreneurs and policy makers united around the mission of using technology, data and intelligent design to accelerate sustainable cities and communities outcomes. This includes outcomes around issues such as finance, health, mobility, agriculture, water, waste, and … climate. Yes, climate.

You see, I have a vested interest in climate outcomes. Why? Because I am smart grids. I am energy management platforms. I am smart houses. I am also presence-based adaptive street lighting, low-emission electric vehicles, and immersive remote classrooms for those in far-flung areas. I am smart parking technology, shared e-bike schemes and artificial intelligence.

Removing carbon from our daily lives, from business and from industry is in my DNA. Many don’t realise this, but it’s true. I have long suffered the label of “big tech for tech’s sake”. When in fact my true agenda is sustainability. Indeed, I am at the heart of net zero.

Based on this, I believe we can, and should, do business together. I think we can help each other out in a deep way. Let me convince you.

My skill set complements yours, I believe. You are a target, bold and visionary. Your DNA, stemming from the buildings and broader built environment sector, has signalled a clear commitment to removing carbon from its plans, its designs and the way it manages its buildings and communities.

I, on the other hand, am the ecosystem of solutions you need to remove or reduce carbon. I am also the data gatherer, the data analyser and the platform for communicating that will help you measure your target – you – net zero. I am also the technology that scrubs carbon, and the intelligent design and interface with our shared client – the community.

Finally, in an effort to know each other better and build trust, and for our relationship to flourish, you need to understand my personality. I am continually disrupting, I thrive on innovating and I spend billions investing in new ideas. I am competitive and hungry for change. Of late, I have been known to blow up old business models. Yes, I am Airbnb. Yes, I am Uber.

I think we have the foundations for working closely together, intimately even. Heck, we probably need each other to be successful longer term.

I recommend we catch up for a coffee, soon.

Yours sincerely,

The Smart Cities Movement

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