Anyone noticed those deadly mining ads on tele? The ones with the ever-so-ordinary mum kissing her kids goodbye to go and work at the mines and bring home the bacon?

They tick all the boxes: female equality, work/life balance, kindly mum, economic earning unit, care for ‘Straya on an extraction-first basis.

This came hot on the heels on ads about coal – kicked off by the Treasurer and his insouciant Parliamentary dance with coal.

Now the gas industry is getting in on the act, no doubt to make sure it doesn’t go the way of coal.

One of Australia’s “major gas producers” has commissioned Newsmodo to call for briefs to write compelling “content” to energise support for gas.

Here’s how the callout went:

Sustainability and energy journos – we need you!

Pitch for this brief

Gas. That’s what this one is about. Gas!

Okay, but seriously, we’re after articles that educate the public on the topic of gas, and raise awareness of its benefits. These articles are for a major energy provider in Australia but the articles should remain focused on the field of gas and not energy as a “product”. In other words – no branded content here, guys.

Stories should:

Be able to be shared to a broad audience, especially the general and wider public

The stories should be able to be distributed on multiple platforms without not appealing to certain audiences

Be helpful and provide advice or tips

Should not be too general in the sense thatthere is no helpful insights


We are primarily after articles for this but also are open to infographics, if you have ideas on these.

We don’t know which of Australia’s major gas producers has offered to pay, but the full list is here, thanks to the UNSW School of Petroleum, no less.

So here’s our pitch. It’s two fold.


To find a journalist to write an article on why we shouldn’t use gas at all.

The brief is the article has to be truthful, informative and entertaining so it appeals to everyone from the prime minister to the bloke around the corner who still thinks Malcolm Roberts is a man of science and integrity.

Send your submissions to

Help crowdfund this article

The second is to our readers to crowdfund a fair and decent payment for this article, keeping in mind that the world of journalism is being subsumed by this kind of content writing that ought to not dare speak its name, but does anyway.

And that many journos have been sacked, mainly because this kind of content has become the dominant form of preferred advertising (making Donald Trump’s callout of Fake News the most useful thing he has done).

Please make your contribution to a better sustainable news world here.

If we do well we will source more such articles from excellent journalists who are not currently working where they should be – at major metropolitan newspapers.

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