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We wanted to make a Christmas callout for more membership/donations to underpin our work into 2022. Because, as for so many other independent publications, it’s not been easy keeping this ambitious but small ship afloat.

We wanted to remind our readers we have no subsidies from government coffers, nothing from the largesse of wealthy patrons, no claim to charity status; no secret support from any organisations in this patch. We exist solely from whatever income comes our way through normal advertising channels or sponsorship. 

So we wanted to make a call to you our readers in businesses and other organisations to place us high up in your advertising and sponsorship campaigns. Even inexpensive job ads add up. Remember, we are well read by the people who can change the world.

And we wanted to invite you our readers to chip in with donations through our membership program.

As a newspaper we see it as our job  to tell the news and amplify the stories of the many people working inside businesses, organisations and privately, in whatever capacity they can, to help us create a better world and protect what we can of the climate.

These stories channel the surprising “power of nudge”, the influence we can all wield on those around us through gentle words, examples of leadership or retelling of stories we admire. In the end it’s this social power that can move mountains.

All worthy of support, right?

Then we received Jeff Angel’s humble but powerful missive outlining that in its 50th year (amazing) the Total Environment Centre had managed to achieve some remarkable wins, against many odds.

“What is clear is that we have to keep working towards fundamental change that can be sustained into the future,” said Jeff, who is the group’s executive director. 

“Our past campaigns that have done this include: protection of old growth and rainforests, recognised as World Heritage; introduction of lead-free petrol, helping clean the air; container refund schemes, now delivering much reduced litter and supporting high levels of recycling; new urban green spaces and revitalised urban streams, which proved immensely popular during COVID lockdowns; changing the national electricity market to give renewables a central role in reducing global warming emissions; eliminating single-use plastics, setting us along the path to fully addressing plastic pollution,” he outlined.

For 2022 the ambitions continue to be strong. They include:

  • Win the Koala corridor battle for Sydney’s Koalas by stopping Lendlease and government plans for vast expanses of urban development
  • Ensure ambitious state waste and recycling strategies actually achieve their goals
  • Entrench community scale batteries using locally produced green power
  • Continue to support local forest protection efforts

This is real tireless work. Direct work. Done by the kinds of quiet determined people we wish we could write about more often. 

“We may be 50 years old next year,” Jeff says, “but we are still focused on campaigning passionately and persistently to protect the environment and implement environmental sustainability across society and the economy.”

Jeff is asking for support to continue this great and important work.

So, yes we need your support – mostly through your commercial capability  – and of course through our membership/support program.

But if you only have limited capacity for personal support (Jeff won’t accept commercial donations) then our Christmas wish is that you support the TEC first.

Tina Perinotto, Editor

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