the women participating in the program as mentees. From left to right: Susan Oosthuizen, Mary Del Dosso, Nicola Popenhagen, Jennifer Byrne, Polly Gee, Natalie Busch, Amy McHugh, Priya Correia, Jacquetta Shelton, Carissa Kanakis, Kate Grieve, Jill Fraser, Danielle Davison and Paige Walker

The Property Council of Western Australia has launched the Women in Property program, which will pair 15 women aspiring to senior leadership positions with property sector leaders over a five-month period.

Property Council WA Deputy Executive Director Lino Iacomella said there were talented women in senior roles in Western Australia’s property industry but that they were “sorely under-represented” at chief executive or general manager level.

“This program will not only help the mentees address the professional challenges they face, but will also help raise the mentors’ awareness on how they, as leaders of this industry, need to help change the culture,” Mr Iacomella told The Fifth Estate.

Property Council WA Deputy Executive Director Lino Iacomella.
Property Council WA Deputy Executive Director Lino Iacomella.

He said he hoped the program would help change the mindsets of those responsible for employing and promoting staff.

The program also aims to increase female participation in discussion groups and conferences.

“It’s important when these things are planned that women are given an equal opportunity to participate as presenters and participants at conferences,” Mr Iacomella said.

He said the long term goal was to lead the property sector in getting the “best pool of talent”.

“We’ve observed, as has the community generally, that intake into tertiary education is better represented in terms of women attending, so clearly there is a far greater talent pool of educated and talented people.

“The industry can and should tap into this greater pool of talent. We’re facilitating a change for the better in the industry.”

The Women in Property mentoring program is supported by Australand, Hassell, LandCorp, EY, Mirvac, Scentre Group, APP, JLL, BankWest, Psaros, Access Housing and KPA Architects.

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