Macquarie University in partnership with Oz Green is looking for experienced project managers and communicators to mentor young people.

The (re)Generation Project, funded by the NSW Environment Trust, involves young urban people between the ages of 15-25 developing projects that can stimulate their peers to greater interest in care for and engagement with nature.

Some of the participants will also be attending the World Parks Congress in Sydney next month [November] to present their ideas.

Wendy Goldstein, leader of the project and lecturer of Sustainable Development at Macquarie University, is testing the idea that the way to engage young people in nature is to ask them how to do it.

“Visiting natural areas has been shown to improve one’s emotional, mental and physical state and there is evidence that if young people develop a relationship with nature early in life they are more likely to care for nature and protect it as adults,” Ms Goldstein said.

The project mentors will be required to support 10 groups of young people during strategy development workshops in mid-November, some support while groups test out their projects between November and April 2015, and support at two-day reflection workshops also in April.

See this website for details,