CleanTech stocks outperformed the ASX200

7 July 2014 — The Australian CleanTech Index has outperformed the S&P ASX200 for the 2013-14 financial year, with a gain of 19.6 per cent compared with the ASX200’s 12.3 per cent.

Though 2014 has seen a 7.2 per cent decline while the ASX200 has enjoyed a 0.8 per cent gain, for the full year the index outperformed both the ASX200 and ASX Small Ords.

The cleantech industry is split into a number of sub-sectors that have environmental and economic benefits. These are solar thermal and photovoltaics, green buildings, energy efficiency and biomaterials, wind generation, biofuels, water, environmental services, low emissions vehicle technologies, carbon trading, waste management and recycling, energy storage and fuel cells, wave, tidal and hydro, biogas, and geothermal.

Environmental services (32.6 per cent gain), water (26.3 per cent gain) and waste services (18.3 per cent gain) were the star sub-sectors for the last financial year, while solar (37.7 per cent loss) and geothermal (33.2 per cent loss) were the worst.

Best performing companies – with a share price gain of greater than 50 per cent – included RedFlow, EnviroMission, Quantum Energy, Australian Renewable Fuels, Carnegie Wave Energy, Greenearth Energy and Australian Ethical Investment.

The market capitalisation of the 65 stocks in the Australian CleanTech Index is $14.6 billion, falling from a peak of $16.3 billion in July 2007, though up majorly from its trough of $6.2 billion in July 2012.

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