WWF-Australia human resource manager Kimberly Dixon says workers are happy and energised in the organisation’s new green office.

24 March 2014 — National energy efficiency program CitySwitch has clocked up its 500th member, with the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development joining the legion of businesses working to cut energy costs.

The program, which started nine years ago in Sydney and became a national program in 2008, gives members access to a program manager and a range of resources and case studies designed to improve sustainable business operations.

CitySwitch national program manager Esther Bailey said the program was helping to make a positive impact on the environment through simple changes to waste and energy efficiency.

“We are very proud to welcome our 500th CitySwitch member,” Ms Bailey said.

“Our members are reducing carbon emissions, and workers report they are experiencing increased job satisfaction through a healthier work environment. Many of our members have reported to us that great work spaces reduce sick days, staff turnover, costs and improve productivity.”

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said CitySwitch, which now covers 12 per cent of all Australia’s CBD office space, was delivering long-term environmental benefits as well as savings to the bottom line.

“Businesses have long recognised that improving energy efficiency translates into saving money on costly energy bills,” Ms Moore said. “The results from our CitySwitch members prove that you can reduce carbon emissions and make savings at the same time.”

CitySwitch member WWF-Australia’s move into a sustainable office features in our Tenants and Landlords Guide to Happiness.

Human resources director Kimberly Dixon said features such as natural light and good ventilation improved the health and happiness of employees.

“Green office spaces can help optimise the people as well as the space, and our workers have reported they feel happy in their new environment and are energised by the design attributes.”