snowy mountains scheme

German-founded multinational Voith Hydro has established an Australian office to service what it calls a “promising” market here and in New Zealand.

Voith has already delivered services and equipment in Australia to major utilities like Snowy Hydro, Hydro Tasmania and Origin, but market shifts have enticed it to set up a permanent office in Smithfield, Sydney.

Key to the decision has been Prime Minister Turnbull’s announcement of the Snowy 2.0 Project, as well as an understanding that the economy will transition to zero carbon electricity by 2040.

“Consequently the future of energy generation in Australia will be spearheaded by low carbon technologies (solar and wind), energy efficiency, new energy storage and distribution models coinciding with advancements in information and data analytics,” a Voith Hydro media statement said.

The company said Australia needed to look to pumped hydro as part of its mix of storage and demand management solutions as renewable energy became more prolific.

Prequalification for bidding on Snowy 2.0, which is expected to start generating energy by 2024, has already began for civil works and electromechanical equipment, and Voith Hydro has confirmed it is throwing its hat in the ring.

“Other national initiative includes the expansion of the hydropower system in Tasmania, including new pumped storage potential and the expansion and modernisation of the existing power stations – the ‘Battery of The Nation’ initiative,” a company statement said.

“Voith Hydro will leverage its 150-year hydro expertise from water to wire to become a major solution provider at this great time of change in Australia.”