John Tilden

South Australian energy efficiency consultancy The Saver Group is expanding its operations into the North Queensland market.

Chief executive John Tilden said the new enterprise, based in Cairns, would offer council-based energy and water efficiency programs in partnership with Green RTO’s Steve Kostoff.

The company has for many years been operating in SA’s Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme, providing household energy efficiency audits and retrofits, commercial LED lighting retrofits and water-saving showerhead retrofits.

In Queensland it plans on providing services including community engagement, training and education; energy audits; solar power, solar hot water, LED lighting and energy monitoring for both residential and commercial sectors; and retrofit activities including rainwater tanks and water-efficient fixtures.

Mr Tilden said water efficiency was one of the areas that could deliver real value for local councils in the region.

“For those councils relying on reservoirs for their water supply an exchange program of 7.5-litre water efficient showerheads would give enormous water savings from the run of the mill water wasting 15-20L flow rate showerheads.”

He also sees there is an opportunity for energy retailers in the region to “show some responsibility” and work with his company to assist low-income and hardship-affected electricity customers to reduce household energy use.

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