On offer in the Maldives a $15.5 million island sinking fund

This week’s oddest spot goes to Debutesq, the European agent for owners of an island in the Maldives which is being offered as a whole-island lease for $15.5 million, with building permits and permission from the Maldivian Ministry for Tourism for a luxury island resort including 100 five star private rooms and water villas built around the 17 hectare island’s coastline and all the usual add-ons like uber-exclusive spa, bars, nosheries and all that high-end “wellness” stuff.

While it boasts a “natural port” where folk can park the seaplane or yacht “without interfering too much with the natural landscape” (too much compared to what, we wondered?) the release also had a big buyer beware right in the middle.

“Being the lowest lying country in the world with an average of just 1.5 metres of land above water, climate change and rising sea levels are obviously a big concern for the Maldivian government who are working toward becoming carbon neutral by 2020. The administration are already carrying out assessments for the introduction of wind power and with 15 per cent of the country’s GDP spent on fossil fuels are determined to reduce the country’s reliance on diesel powered generators. Maldivian officials are also working in collaboration with Italian designer Michelle Puzzolante to assess the viability of floating resorts powered by solar energy.”

Clearly an opportunity for a buyer with a hearty appetite for risk.

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