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Blacktown City Council is looking for experienced individuals or firms specialising in disposal or recycling services for construction materials to help with resource recovery in Cumberland and Prospect, New South Wales.

Our rubbish is full of valuable resources, from springs in mattresses to heavy metals in old electronics.

Resource recovery and waste management can help prevent these resources from taking up landfill space, and give it a second life.

Blacktown City Council is offering a three-year contract with an option for two one-year extensions.

Bids close 8 April at 2:00 pm — see more detail on how to apply here.

Trains on time in Queensland

One of the worst parts of using public transportation is figuring out when your train will arrive.

Queensland Rail is attempting to make South East Queensland commutes smoother with Passenger Information Display systems to provide real time updates on service and disruptions.

Work will be separated into two parts: manufacturing and supplying the displays, and fabricating and installing the equipment.

The tender closes 7 April 2020 at 2:00 pm  — find out more here.

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Modelling renewable tech

The Clean Air Regulator is looking for assistance with modelling new technology for the small scale renewable energy scheme (SRES).

The scheme uses small scale technology certificates (CTS) to help create new options for renewable energy generation and uses, such as air source heat pumps or solar water heaters.

The one year contract winner will perform modelling for the CTS to estimate if technology will be compliant with sustainability standards over several years. In addition, PV and battery modelling are needed to measure PV and battery installation across residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The tender closes on 21 April at 11:30 pm ACT local time. More details here.

TasWater under review

As Australia emerges from a severe drought period, conserving water has become a top priority for state governments.

The Tasmanian government is searching for a consultant to review the state’s water and sewage use and forecast how it will affect the future.

The government hopes to use the information to better inform TasWater’s maximum water prices in preparation for further regulations between July 2021 and June 2025.The bid closes on 28 April at 5:00 AEDT  — more details here.

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