With Bendigo’s Eaglehawk Landfill set to close in 2022/23, the Victorian town is planning for a “post-landfill” future.

A round up of business opportunities in sustainability, including government tenders, grants and accelerator programs.

Closing the loop on Bendigo’s waste

With Bendigo’s Eaglehawk Landfill set to close in 2022/23, the Victorian town is planning for a “post-landfill” future.

The city is taking expressions of interest from businesses and consortia with a wide variety of waste solutions across the greater Bendigo area, both domestic and commercial.

With such a broad spectrum of possibilities, the council hopes to collect a mixture of solutions to reprocess, remanufacture and recover various materials for reuse across all types of waste streams.

This could include anything from innovating better forms of resource recovery to reclaim diminishing materials such as heavy metals in electronics or repurposing landfill-bound items for a second life.

As important as it is to keep waste streams clean, the real key to closing the loop is to find long term solutions to cut down on the amount of waste in the first place by investing in long lasting, multi-use materials instead of easily disposable items.

This is a massive problem that will need all stakeholders working together, so all ideas are welcome.

As landfills across Australia and the world hit their limits, here’s hoping more cities follow in Bendigo’s footsteps for a post landfill society.

Expressions of interest are open until 22 September at 3:00 pm – find out more here.

Energy efficient small business grant

As part of its Energy Efficient Communities program, the federal government has carved out $9.06 million in funds to give to small businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency.

Grants, worth up to $20,000, can be used to upgrade outdated equipment, install or repair energy efficient systems or monitor energy use within an 18-month period.

To be eligible, businesses must have an Australian business number, an annual turnover of less than $10 million in the last 12 months, and be either a company incorporated in Australia, a co-op, a partnership, or a sole trader.

Turnout for this grant is expected to be high and funds won’t last long, so best to get in while it’s hot.

Applications close 26 August at 5:00 pm ACT local time – see more details here.

Brisbane’s next generation of urban modelling

The Brisbane council is looking to develop a Next Generation Urban Growth model to predict the growing city’s future population to better serve its residents and reflect today’s urban realities.

This new model will play a key role in the council’s Brisbane Visions 2031 plan to create a more vibrant, active and environmentally-friendly community.

The council is aiming to replace the current GIS rule-based allocation model with a Software as a Service model, offering a contract up to ten years.

The model will be responsible for providing accurate data on population and urban growth to better inform future decisions on land management and infrastructure development.

This kind of information will be vital to planning out a new and improved city, to be used in virtually every aspect of Brisbane life from financing to planning, to education and research.

The tender is open until 19 August at 12:00 pm – find out how to apply here.

Compostable bags for Penrith homes

The City of Penrith is investing in a supplier to manufacture and deliver compostable bags to over 66,000 households across the area on a quarterly basis.

In addition to the regular compost bags, the contract also includes 10,000 rolls of compostable dog bags, which the council will distribute.

All green bags must be fully biodegradable and able to withstand earthworm toxicity tests to ensure the ecosystem is unharmed.

This is a great way to help keep waste streams clean, cut down on harmful plastic bags and make composting easier and more accessible for the average homeowner.

The tender closes on 19 August at 11:00 am – learn more here.

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