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GREEN GIGS and government tenders: a round up of business opportunities in sustainability

Igniting ideas in Queensland

Queensland’s latest Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas funding round is open for small and medium sized businesses to put forward their best and brightest ideas for commercialisation.

The grant supports a diverse range of projects including public smart tech, virtual reality, renewable energy, alternative materials and innovations in automation and robotics.

All applicants must be headquartered in Queensland, employ no more than 50 people and have not received state or federal funding for the proposed project presented.

With technology constantly evolving, this is a fabulous opportunity for green startups ready to revolutionise sustainable development who just need a boost to get going.

Past recipients include Aussie Batteries and Solar off grid power module, Bioherbicides’ environmentally safe herbicides and Solar Bins Australia’s smart cities technology.

Applications close July 16 at 10:00 AM — find out how to apply here.

Assembling ACT architects

The ACT is building a panel of expert designers and architects to help with building projects across the territory.

Panel members will be responsible for conceptualising and executing their design aspirations based on the territory’s needs, designing new residences and expanding the ACT’s social housing portfolio to create more accessible housing.

This comes as part of the ACT’s push to rebuild its housing sector with better homes “designed to be more flexible, easy to access and navigate and create a positive impact on tenants and the neighbourhood.”

While all buildings must sit at the minimum efficiency requirements, the contract notes that by no means should that be the settling point. All projects also have to be built to a class C adaptability standard to accommodate all tenets’ needs.

This could be a fabulous opportunity for sustainable designers and consultants to get in at the ground level and become an integral part of the ACT’s construction and housing sector.

The tender closes 14 August at 2:00 PM — see more information here.

Preserving the red gum forests

The NSW Department of Environment is developing a trial thinning of 400 hectares in the Murray Valley National Park to preserve the region’s biodiversity in river red gum forests

To study the program’s effectiveness, the department is looking for observers to conduct a two year survey of local bird populations and monitor their response to the experiment.

The winning applicants will be in charge of monitoring the abundance and frequency of local woodland birds in all 22 ecologically vulnerable sites across the park working in teams of at least two observers.

Recent studies have shown a decline in red gum tree forests’ ecological health, a problem only set to increase with climate change related droughts.

By reducing density, the park hopes to create better access to water, leave behind more hollow trees for habitats and improve the overall condition of the red gum canopy.

The tender closes on 24 July at 10:00 AM — learn more here.

Sustainable agriculture for SA

The newly established Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, one of eight regional landscape boards in South Australia, is looking for a new company to deliver its sustainable agriculture program.

The winning supplier will be responsible for delivering projects and advising on new developments in sustainable agriculture, seasonal updates and support for EPLB’s Grassroots grant initiative.

The state is hoping to transition sustainable agriculture efforts to a non-government entity, which is currently maintained by the Department of Environment.

The tender closes 23 July  — see more details here.

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