Greg Goodman
Greg Goodman

Global property giant Goodman Group is handing its employees cash to buy electric vehicles.

The company has dedicated $10 million over five years towards new wheels for the 900-plus staff it employs globally.

The company’s commitment to electrified mobility extends to its commercial and industrial properties, with all new developments to include electric vehicle bays and EV charging.

The property company is also electrifying its own fleet, including its Australian fleet of 55 hybrid vehicles.

“Electric cars align with our sustainable philosophy and our focus on economic, environmental and social outcomes,” Goodman Group chief executive officer Greg Goodman said.

“We’re committed to providing solutions that reduce emissions and we want to enable our people to make a difference as individuals,” he said in reference to the staff incentives. 

Goodman Group’s currently has 366 assets under management globally worth a total $52.9 billion and $9.6 billion worth of development in progress.

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  1. This is a very good initiative. VERY few corporations, governments or institutions have latched onto just how incredibly strategic battery electric vehicles are, not just for marginally free renewable energy transport, but for accelerating the transition to renewables. IRENA have been proposing this to governments and ACT seem to have got the message with NSW starting to get it.
    If the 20m cars in Australia were all battery electric each with ~60kWh batteries, connected 97% of the time they’re not driving to the grid with bi-directional chargers, that would put 2.3 DAYS of storage of our entire consumption distributed around the grid. All talk of curtailing renewables at times of peak generation would be over, all talk about charging solar households instead of rewarding them would be over, all talk about baseload power would be over, all talk about keeping the lights on overnight would be over. The need for massive investment in Snowy 2.0, Pumped Hydro, BIG batteries, community batteries, even home batteries would be kodak history. Hydrogen would have fizzled out as a hopelessly inefficient pipe dream (literally) spruiked by the oil and gas industry in its last desperate thrashings to stay relevant to our futures. Gas-led recovery, wasting $600M of public money by incompetent governments on a pointless gas peaking plant to please donor industries and donor mate would be a bad dream.
    Goodman are onto something VERY important here and others should follow. The future of renewables and battery electric vehicles is the inevitable winner in the technology wars that will put the oil and gas industries out of business and by enabling more rapid transition to renewables also shut down coal fired power faster. AND above all else it accelerates Australia on a path to decarbonisation instead of being THE biggest global pariah nation, psychopathic towards our own childrens’ survivable futures where our disgusting government even wants to challenge a court case which says they have a duty of care for our childrens’ futures. In what way are these fit and proper people to hold postions of power and responsibility?

  2. Interesting the headline it throwing millions….how about something a little more positive like investing millions in the future of the planet…
    we need more Govt and Business to make these hard decisions making a secondhand market for others to get in to EVs also!
    click bait !

    1. oh shucks we just likeed the drama of it all… we’re actually very excited by the news, but take your point. “Throwing” can be a tad negative.