International Quarter London

Equiem, the tenant services company founded by Lorenz Grollo in 2011, is on an international expansion path.

The company, which provides tenant engagement interfaces to building owners, has scored a deal to provide its technology to Lendlease’s £2.3 billion ($3.99b) International Quarter London development, and is also rolling out its platform to office buildings owned by Adams & Co, which manages 17 buildings in New York.

On the Lendlease site, “Life at IQL” will be a custom tenant engagement platform that provides news, events, local area information, wellness programs, services, competitions and offers.

Lendlease estate director Gilbert Yule said Equiem was well ahead of anyone globally in the tenant engagement space.

“It was a clear decision to ask them to build this platform and help us fulfil our vision for IQL,” he said.

“International Quarter London is an iconic development. It’s important it offers a working environment that befits its position as one of London’s most important growth areas.”

In the US, Adams & Co is piloting the interactive tenant portal at its 26-storey 110 West 40th Street building, with plans to expand the service across its entire 600,000 square metre New York City portfolio.

Adams & Co principal David Levy said the Equiem portal promised to change the way tenants were engaged.

“It will dramatically improve the tenant experience – this system is poised to improve tenant retention and satisfaction and help create new relationships and communities within our commercial properties,” Mr Levy said.

“Through this platform, tenants will be able to converse with building management and with each other through an optional tenant directory. For example, a venture capital firm will be able to connect with a tech company or a media business in the same building to create a new professional relationship. Eventually, all tenants across our Manhattan portfolio will be able to communicate and access each other’s services.”

Equiem chief executive Gabrielle McMillan said Equiem’s goal was to “create a robust community with dual benefits for both landlords and tenants”.

“The direct access that the portal provides to each party makes working together more streamlined.”

The company has also reportedly scored another New York contract with an unnamed landlord with two million square metres of Manhattan office space, according to the Australian Financial Review.

Ms McMillan will be moving to New York in March to oversee the US expansion.

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