Simble chief executive Fadi Geha listing the company on the ASX in February.

A recently upgraded energy management platform from Australian software as a service (SaaS) company Simble Solutions is making its mark in the both the Australian and UK markets thanks to its partnership with major lighting manufacturer Powercor.

The Simble Energy Platform, a cloud-based software that allows users to monitor, control and monetise power use in real time, is being sold in partnership with Powercor as an LED bundling arrangement.

Orders for the Simble Energy Platform being sold as an LED lighting bundle now total $660,000 across Australia and the UK, with Ferrero Rocher, Roehampton University and Richmond Borough Council already signed up for installations.

Enterprises using the Simble Energy Platform plug into the system and the associated hardware so that they can view the entire energy consumed by a building in real time, said Simble chief executive Fadi Geha, speaking to The Fifth Estate.

The offering features a real-time dashboard that shows businesses where and when their greatest energy draws are, and how efficient extra sources, such as LED light bulbs, may be.

The platform was recently upgraded with Internet-of-Things (IoT) capabilities so that the system can be controlled remotely.

According to Mr Geha, the platform is hardware agnostic and “talks to all different systems”, which makes it easily scalable and able “to be sold to nearly any business in Australia”.

The company has about 60 employees in offices based both locally and abroad.

Mr Geha said there were no plans to expand the company in terms of more personnel – the focus is currently on growing the top line.

By selling white-labelled software through established channel partners, such as Powercor, the company is able to leverage the existing relationship these partners have with their customers. This means the company doesn’t need to employ a large sales team to sell their software.

The company plans to focus primarily on the energy management solution going forward, with “sustainability the core missions of the business”, Mr Geha said.

The software company’s intention is to start targeting the energy management solution at small-to-medium (SME) businesses.

The company is in discussion with other UK utilities industry participants surrounding potential channel partnerships targeting the broader UK SME sector.

The company was founded by Mr Geha in 2009 under its previous name, Acresta.

Simble was listed on the ASX in February this year, and was deemed one of Alan Kohler’s top tech stocks to watch earlier this month.

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