(L-R): Ray McInnes, Phil Livingston, Minister Mark Bailey, John Grimes and Ray Pratt.

AllGrid Energy and Redback Technologies have announced a new commercial partnership, with the Indigenous-owned renewable technology company to use Redback’s hardware and software technologies in an adapted form for use in remote areas.

AllGrid chief executive Raymond Pratt said that in addition to using the existing technology suite for managing renewable energy through cloud-based solutions, the two firms would work together to add additional functionality for integrating water and other bio-systems.

This will assist in delivering AllGrid’s Oasis Strategy – integrated renewable energy, communications, water, biofuels and food production aimed at increasing quality of life for remote community inhabitants, Mr Pratt said.

An official launch was held at the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute last week, with representatives from AllGrid and its manufacturing partner Red Centre Manufacturing, Redback, Ernst and Young, Indigenous Business Australia, Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation, Microsoft Innovation Centre, Power IQ, Queensland’s Department of Energy and Water Supply, UQ Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs, UniQest, 350.org, and WWF.

(L-R): UQ Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Education) Professor Cindy Shannon, Songwoman Maroochy Barambah, Ray Pratt.

A Welcome to Country was given by songwoman Maroochy Barambah, a distinguished Gubbi Gubbi musician and opera singer. The opening address was given by Queensland minister for energy, bio-fuels and water supply Mark Bailey.

“We are very lucky to have a government in place [in Queensland] who is so pro-renewable energy, which will certainly help to smooth the wheels as the state adopts more of these technologies and works towards reducing emissions,” Mr Pratt said.

He said his company was happy not be “re-inventing the wheel” in terms of digital technology.

“Redback’s inverter and software technology provide an intelligent platform for the use of storage in the home. This melds perfectly with AllGrid’s systems, which are ideally suited for the work we are doing in remote areas.

“Bringing the two together will allow the creation of a technologically superior product for our customers.”

The proprietary cloud-enabled intelligent system for analytics and remote control, the Ouija Board, uses machine learning to gather intelligence over time, learning from user preferences as well as drawing data from external factors like the weather.

Redback managing director Philip Livingston said that “software is the secret to solar energy management”.

Smart software can be used to maximise the energy produced, Mr Livingstone said.

“The partnership with AllGrid will benefit those who are in most need of our collective solutions,” Mr Livingstone said.

“We are both young and emerging companies who are passionate and determined to reach the same vision of a renewable energy future. Our partnership and commitment to collaboration gives us agility and resilience in this new and exciting market.”

Mr Pratt said the commitment to collaboration was also part of the Indigenous way his company is working to build its business model on.

“Traditionally businesses got bigger and stronger through takeovers but today’s economy is more complex and we believe that businesses who work from a collaborative model and find their strength in their alliances are the ones that will have the flexibility and agility that is required,” Mr Pratt said.

He said the firms also shared a commitment to alleviating energy poverty in remote communities.

“Australia is a vast continent and many Indigenous people live in remote and regional areas. The cost of transmitting energy through wires that span thousands of kilometres is enormous and this means that these communities are often compromised in their power supplies and are experiencing real energy poverty,” Mr Pratt said.

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