Brief: The Victorian government has announced support for a state renewable energy target, and has called for the federal government to get out of the way so it can happen.

The renewable energy act that governs the federal RET currently has a clause prohibiting state governments from enacting similar schemes. If the federal government agrees to remove the clause, the Victorian government says it will implement a state RET, designed to “top up” a scaled-back federal scheme.

“The federal government must move out of Victoria’s way and change the law. Our state needs a proper renewable energy target, to support the industry and reduce pollution,” energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio said.

“Victoria will lead the way on renewable energy, which creates jobs, drives growth and protects our lifestyle and environment.”

Environment Victoria welcomed the move, with chief executive Mark Wakeham saying the organisation was “extremely encouraged” the state government wanted to reintroduce a state RET to counter federal inaction.

“The Abbott Government clearly wants to do nothing to support renewable energy and has broken its pre-election promise to maintain a 41,000 gigawatt-hour Renewable Energy Target,” he said. “If the federal government can’t do anything useful then it needs to get out of the way of state governments that want to take action on climate change and want regional investment and jobs.

“Victoria has over 2300 megawatts of approved wind energy projects that are not being built as a result of the federal government’s never-ending review of the [RET].”