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  1. The time is well and truly past for raising the minimum EE standards for both residential and commercial buildings. The current EER system is so deeply flawed its an abysmal joke. There are serious gaps between the sustainability outcomes we are achieving when planning new suburbs and cities, and the built form. For the most part the building sector is uninterested in being part of the solution, and frankly the majority of their buyers aren’t either! Increasing mandatory energy standards is the only way to get the kind of outcomes we need in this sector, builders and buyers need incentives driven by regulation otherwise we will continue with the status quo. A change to the way the residential EER system works would be uppermost on any list though, the way that it is skewing house designs towards those that require air-con to be habitable instead of a luxury add on is negligent at best and environmentally criminal at worst. We can easily do better than this and as the Europeans have long since attested to, the level of reform we’re at now is embarrassing and we’re fast getting left behind because our govts aren’t interested either. Eventually the lack of EE in the residential built form will become a serious social and economic disaster as more and more households find the running costs of their 6*EER house to be out of reach as energy costs escalate and temps increase.

  2. The most important thing is to mandate full energy assessment and abandon the ridiculous deemed to satisfy provisions that can produce as many hot boxes and freezing boxes as no regulation at all.