Chris Johnson

The preview version of the 2015 National Construction Code, which comes into effect on 1 May 2015, is from this week freely available online under an agreement between the federal government, states and territories.

The code sets out the minimum requirements for the design, construction and performance of buildings across all sectors in Australia.

Urban Taskforce chief executive Chris Johnson said making the code easily available and at no cost would help to maintain standards in the development and construction industry.

While anyone who registers as a user at the Australian Building Code Board’s website can access the code and the state-based variations that apply (and from 1 May all previous versions of the code back to 2011), Mr Johnson said the many Australian standards that the National Construction Code refers to would also need to be available free of charge online.

“The more the world of planning and development uses online regulations and controls the more time is available to focus on developing quality projects,” Mr Johnson said.

“The NSW government is investing significantly in e-planning and the flow-on to national building codes that help the industry become more efficient is important.”

“The NSW planning system is catching up with countries like Singapore and Norway where most planning processes are now online. Within a few years the whole process from strategic planning, to planning controls, development applications, assessments, compliance with the many state and national codes and even community information of what a project looks like will be available online.”

Access the 2015 NCC here.