The South Australian Museum, one of the sites mooted for a solar battery system.

The South Australian government has announced a $1.1 million tender to demonstrate solar battery technology on a suite of Adelaide’s public buildings.

The move follows Adelaide City Council’s recent announcement of up to $5000 in funding for solar PV and battery storage, and according to energy minister Tom Koutsantonis links with the government’s goal of making Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.

“The battery storage systems will be located at high profile sites within the City of Adelaide, such as the Museum, State Library and Art Gallery of South Australia, which all have existing rooftop solar photovoltaic systems,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

“Through this exciting project, the State Government will be demonstrating how integrating battery storage with solar photovoltaics can deliver multiple benefits of greenhouse gas reduction, energy load management and energy cost reductions.

He said public schools in the city could also be used to illustrate to the community how solar PV and battery storage could be combined to provide energy solutions for smaller buildings.

“Battery energy storage is an emerging global market, and storage systems offer particular benefits when combined with solar photovoltaics allowing for solar generation to be better matched to the building’s energy demands,” he said.

“With a high uptake of renewables in South Australia, including rooftop solar, South Australia is well positioned to be a strong ‘early market’ for battery storage systems.”

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