To coincide with the COP 20 climate talks in Lima this week, the Climate Bonds Initiative has publicly released a full list of labelled green bonds.

“This is part of the initiative’s effort to promote greater transparency in the green bonds market, a market that has trebled in size over the past year,” CBI chief executive Sean Kidney said.

The list includes the name of the bond, the issuer, date of issue, currency, amount, tenor and whether a second opinion of the bond’s green status exists, and a link to that if available. Currently there are close to 300 separate bonds on the list and CBI plans to keep it periodically updated.

And while the iron ore price might be plunging, and the stock exchange having pre-Christmas stutters, the green bonds and climate bonds market is ending the year on a high note, with more than $506 billion – and growing practically daily – invested worldwide in the climate-themed bond universe.

The Climate Bond Initiative Bonds and Climate Change – State of the Market 2014 report showed this includes $35.83 billion in green bonds and $7.8 billion specifically in project bonds. The core investable universe was assessed as $236.6 billion.

$358 billion is in green transport projects, $74.7 billion in renewable energy projects, $50 billion in climate finance, $13.5 billion in buildings and industry, $4.2 billion in agriculture and forestry, $1.4 billion in waste and pollution control, and $266 million in water.

China tops the report’s geographic analysis of where the dollars are coming from at $164 billion, with the next major markets the US, UK and France. At the time the data was compiled, Australia didn’t even rate a specific mention.

  • Download the report here