The Climate Bonds Initiative has released a Green Muni Bonds Playbook to assist US cities and municipalities in developing financing for projects that address climate change, boost resilience and fund sustainability infrastructure.

The How to Issue a Green Muni Bond playbook outlines types of green bonds, their benefits and five key steps to developing a Green Muni Bond:

  • identify qualifying green projects and assets
  • arrange independent review
  • set up tracking and reporting
  • issue your green muni bond
  • report regularly

It also contains detailed case studies from Massachusetts State and DC Water.

“It is estimated that the United States must invest $3.6 trillion by 2020 in basic infrastructure, including transportation systems, waterways, and the power sector – and the current and projected spending rates will lead to a shortage of investment,” the playbook states.

“Municipal bonds are one financing tool well suited to close the US infrastructure investment gap.”

The playbook was launched through the US Green City Bond Coalition led by CBI, NRDC, C40, CDP, Ceres and As You Sow. This US initiative is part of a global Green City Bonds Campaign that aims to build a global bond market that will finance the development of low carbon and climate resilient cities, CBI founder Sean Kidney said in a recent blog post.

Download the playbook.

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