5 June 2014 — Fishing nets upcycled into carpet tiles, a net-zero home designed by students and Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park and Pool redevelopment were among the sustainable projects recognised at the Australian Good Design Awards held in Sydney on 28 May as part of the 2014 Good Design Festival, in association with VIVID Sydney.

The winner of the Good Design Award for Sustainability was Interface’s carpet tiles range, Net-Effect. These are manufactured from recycled nylon fibre obtained from fishing nets collected by low income fishing communities in the Philippines. The program, known as Net-Works, is a collaboration between Interface, the Zoological Society of London, Aquafil (global supplier of synthetic fibres) and the Project Seahorse Foundation for Marine Conservation. It creates an income-driven incentive for these communities to reduce the hazards to marine life posed by discarded fishing nets.

Other noteworthy entries included Wollongong University’s Net Zero home, Illawarra Flame, which was a finalist in the inaugural Hills Young Australia Design Award, and Sydney City Council’s Prince Alfred Park and Pool project, which won the best in category for Architecture and Interiors. Designed by Neeson Murcutt Architects and Sue Barnesley Design in collaboration with the City of Sydney, the open-air pool features a living green roof, water-saving filtration, natural lighting for change areas, and is tri-generation ready.