The Fifth Estate’s UK stringer, David Thorpe, is a fiction writer is his “other job” and recently took up the challenge to write a piece of fiction for an anthology produced by arts organisation Weatherfronts for TippingPoint, Free Word and Durham University.

Weatherfronts brought together writers and artists for a workshop with experts on climate change, to discover ways the creatives could conceptualise and communicate what climate change means and how it impacts people.

The participants were invited to later submit works, and five pieces were chosen for the resulting anthology Realistic Utopias: writing for change.

The free e-book comprises three adult short fiction pieces, an epic poem and an illustrated story suitable for younger readers featuring a farting elephant, a junior detective and a science whizz.

Thorpe’s own story imagines a future in which the UK imposes stringent policies to mitigate the impacts of climate change, leveraging technology to manage every aspect of people’s lives.

Meanwhile in other nations such as Africa and Spain, the challenge is to find adaptation strategies that are utilising human talent, ingenuity and the collective will to survive, proving a surprisingly uplifting note – a contrast to the usual gloom of post apocalyptical stories.

Read the free e-book here.

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