The following is a rhyme submitted by one of our readers verbalising what it feels like from a Gen Y perspective to be locked out of the housing market. It’s dark, contains strong language and is essentially a declaration of intergenerational war should measures not be introduced to level the playing field.

Property Pickpockets

Check in my balance
No dollars just cents
Could go an ask for money
But I’m not into interest

Or payin mass rent
To a faceless gent
Living in a city
Renowned for its expense

It got this way
By the old and the grey
Negative gearing their way
to surreal real estate

They think they’ve made it
Spendin big on facelifts
But their time is coming
Either that or the grave is

For now I sit at “home”
Payin off student loans
Bidin my time before
The whole bubble blows

I know we’re not alone
A generation deboned
A dozen years’ wage
To snap up a first home

No, I don’t wanna live in the burbs
How the fuck I get to work
On a CO2 highway
Tuned out to radio jerks?

Things are all time high
Scream the political right
But there’s no free market
If shelter’s not a right

You can keep my wage
I’m gonna work on my rage
Bring you all down
So YOU can feel displaced

How bout some economic terrorism
Kamikaze neo-fuckin liberalism
That’s right I got an 18k debt
I bought a good education

Let’s talk about your superannuation
Some Russian cyber pilfer-ation
Or another GFC
Then we’ll valuate your stolen properties

Tides turn in desperation
When your back up plan’s eradicated
Now you need to sell
That rental you never renovated

But I’ve only got 200k
All I could get from ya mates at the bank
But now you really need the money hey
To refill your oxygen tank

You only bought it for 20k
Back in good old 88
Rented it out 30 years straight
I think 200k’ll do ya mate

Say RIP entitlement
Au revoir returns on investment
Twas a good wicket while it lasted
Alas, Ya racket’s been blasted

Time for all the baby boomers to stand down
An Gen X’ers Hear the sounds
Of the millennials gathering round
Because Gen Wise is here and this town’s about to be ours.

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