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Bored of watching birds under Covid restrictions? Start watching climate deniers and sceptics instead!

Respected ABC journalist Marian Wilkinson has released the definitive guide for spotting influential climate sceptics and deniers out in the wild.

The Carbon Club is a thoroughly researched body of work that details the rise of these roadblocks to climate action, who have fought tooth and nail to preserve the business interests of themselves and their mates.

The natural habitat for these creatures is behind closed doors, in the offices of powerful politicians and business leaders. So, they aren’t easy to spot.

Find out how Australia’s political leaders have managed to escape or water down almost any meaningful commitment to climate action on the global stage, and the likes of Cory Bernardi, Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce and many more rallied to stop any kind of financial mechanism on climate.

Learn, too, about the incredible behaviour that has come to characterise the climate denier: cherry-picking the climate science. It’s amazing what they can do – especially when they all get together and launch organised attacks!

Go way back and discover the ferosity of the earliest attackers of the climate agenda from the 90s, such as the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Cooler Heads Coalition, former ExxonMobil head Lee Raymond and former Australian Liberal politician Nick Minchin. Believe it or not, some of these ancient climate roadblocks are still at it today!

While the focus is on Australian species, the most established populations are in America. Read about the cross-pollination of US and Australian interests, and how former Australian Prime Minister John Howard sided with US president George W Bush to snub the Kyoto protocol.

Then there’s the most endangered species of them all: the climate sceptic scientists. Despite being a rarity, these guys are adept at making themselves heard!

Don’t forget those battle-scarred believers of the mainstream climate science, who are best known for fighting hard to do the right thing.

This list includes Howard-era Environment Minister Robert Hill, Great Barrier Reef scientist Dr Ove Hoegh-Guldberg and Labor’s former climate change minister Penny Wong.

Tracking the movements of climate deniers and sceptics is a past time that is sure to shock and inspire (you into action). This book is not one to miss!

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