There’s a lot of buzz about how technology can deliver more sustainable buildings, but for the layperson, understanding exactly what’s what and why it might matter can be somewhat challenging.

Innovation expert and architect Bruce Duyshart’s Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences. is the remedy.

Written for developers, designers and others who need to understand the opportunities new technologies offer but don’t have time to get a degree in ICT to do so, it is a genuinely readable and accessible handbook.

Duyshart has structured the book is an extremely user-friendly way. He steps through the various technologies such as BIM, cloud computing, building management systems, automated controls explaining coherently and succinctly what they do and what their applications can be across various property sectors, including residential, commercial and hospitality.

He also sets out the key considerations any development team or design team would ideally consider when deciding what whizz bang elements to incorporate, in terms of what their benefits are for the team, the end product and the people that will inhabit the space.

It proceeds through the vision phase through to planning and implementation smoothly, with checklists and summaries at the end of key sections to make it simple for users of the book to structure their approach to adopting technology.

He suggests developing a “technology masterplan”, that gives a roadmap for integrating technology, and includes crucial steps such as how to pick consultants and how to define the value proposition.

Throughout, examples from both projects he has worked on and others around the world provide elements of inspiration and insight.

One of the things that makes the entire book so tremendous is Duyshart’s voice as a writer.

Unlike the majority of books about technology in buildings, his tone is warm, down-to-earth, engaging and commonsense. This perfectly captures the whole bottom line of why technology can add value to buildings – it can generate better user experiences.

Certainly the UX of the book is a genuinely positive one.

Publisher: Connected Spaces Publishing Price: $59.95

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