The City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program has established a new studio where artists will be placed amongst sustainability researchers and organisations to inform their work.

Melbourne artists Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett are the first artists in residence at the Carlton Connect Studio and will create a work focused on sustainability and climate resilience.

Called The Catchments Project, the work speaks to the complexities of adapting to reduced rainfall and drought.

The Catchments Project will get the community thinking about the way we use water,” chair of the arts and culture portfolio Rohan Leppert said. “We are delighted to have Debbie and Jasmine in the studio as our first artists in residence.”

As part of the project, City of Melbourne residents and workers are invited to contribute samples of water from alternative sources to the Carlton Connect Studio, Each sample will be presented in hand-crafted glass bottles, etched with the owner’s name and location of where the water was harvested. After the exhibition the artists will gift the installation back to the public.

“We hope our work will become markers of a landmark shift in attitude and awareness towards preserving Melbourne’s natural resources,” the artists said in a statement. “It’s fantastic that the City of Melbourne is supporting arts research and actively contributing to creative ideas towards a sustainable future.”

The work will be exhibited as part of the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE Festival happening in Melbourne 11 April-17 May, which includes over 20 curated exhibitions alongside a series of keynote lectures and public forums featuring local and international guests.

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