Richard Palmer

4 September 2013 — WSP Group has launched a new thought leadership video series on the executive video platform Eyelevel.

The first topic is “Future cities: buildings that talk to each other”, hosted by WSP’s Richard Palmer.

Mr Palmer said the panel discussion centred on population, environment and the future.

“There are currently more than 3.5 billion people living in cities worldwide [and] by 2050, this number will have increased to six billion,” he said.

“The future of us all is wrapped up in the degree to which our future cities are able to balance the needs of the environment and changing climate with the development needs and economic opportunities of urbanising populations.

“The perspective of private, public and not-for-profit sectors is critical to delivering a holistic picture of the challenges our cities face.

“At WSP we strongly believe this is a matter that should be more broadly discussed and for that reason we are leading the way.”

Panellists include Consult Australia chief executive officer Megan Motto, Green Building Council of Australia chief executive Romilly Madew, Parramatta City Council chief executive Robert Lang, Urbis associate director Dianne Knott and Hassell principal Ross De La Motte.

View the video here.

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