Mohammad Asfour

2 July 2013 — The World Green Building Council has appointed five leaders in the global green building movement to its board of directors.

The five come from Colombia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and Singapore.

WorldGBC chairman Rick Fedrizzi said the new directors brought “vast knowledge and expertise in their regions, and reflect the growth and diversity of our global movement”.

“They will help us to amplify our simple message that green buildings offer an unrivalled opportunity to cut emissions and operational costs, boost economies, create jobs, and improve the health, productivity and living conditions of people around the world.”

The appointments are:

Mohammad Asfour, Jordan

Chairman of the Jordan Green Building Council Mr Asfour sits on a number of boards and advisory committees focused on sustainability in the built environment. “Green building programs can support both environmental and economic sustainability. I’m committed to driving activity in the Middle East and North Africa region to share knowledge and work together achieve to local and global sustainability,” he said.

Cristina Gamboa

Cristina Gamboa, Colombia

Ms Gamboa has been chief executive officer of the Colombia GBC since 2009. “I believe in partnerships, and the ColombiaGBC’s partnership with WorldGBC has enabled our organization to succeed faster than we expected,” she said.

Adnan Sharafi, United Arab Emirates

Mr Sharafi is currently chairman of the Emirates Green Building Council and a recognised thought-leader and advocate for sustainability. “The Middle East has a unique climate and limited natural resources, which must be considered for buildings in the region to perform efficiently. I look forward to bringing my knowledge gained through first-hand experience in a rapidly-expanding region to further our collective objectives,” he said.

Tai Lee Siang, Singapore

Mr Tai is immediate past president of the Singapore Green Building Council, and one of the pioneers of Singapore’s sustainability movement. Under his leadership, the SGBC has expanded its focus from industry to the community. “The green building movement needs the buy-in of the general public. I’m committed to working with GBCs to find new tools to communicate our message,” he said.

Conrad Wong, Hong Kong

Chairman of the Hong Kong Green Building Council Mr Wong has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry as developer, contractor and building material supplier. “I will be focused on enhancing the connections and communication between GBCs in the Asia Pacific region to improve energy efficiency, develop green materials and help accelerate the transformation of the building industry globally,” he said.

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