Osprey Lake

25 September 2013 — More than 100 women from around the world gathered in New York for three days of dialogue and deliberation at the International Women’s Earth and Climate Summit.

Emerging from the gathering is a collaboration of organisations with a combined reach of 33 million women and men aiming to become a major force in the climate and sustainability movements.

The cohort of delegates found unity around a “Declaration Statement for Urgent Action on Climate Change and Sustainability Solutions”, and laid the foundation for a Women’s Climate Action Agenda to be finalised in the coming weeks.

The agenda builds upon the core concepts of the rights of women, the rights of indigenous peoples, the rights of nature and the rights of future generations.

It addresses issues ranging from the protection of oceans and fresh water to divestment from fossil fuels and putting a high price on carbon.

See the full text of the declaration here.

International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative co-founder Osprey Lake said women had the knowledge “to create the change we know the world needs”.

“We are framing our own powerful Women’s Climate Action Agenda, working beyond the United Nations and other policy structures to reach new constituencies committed to protecting the earth and future generations,” she said.

Sally Ranney

Co-founder Sally Ranney said women were gathering in great numbers with an unstoppable resolve.

“Because what’s happening at the international policy level on climate change is not equivalent to the urgency we are facing,” she said.

“We are putting the world on notice: no more delays. We call for policies that protect our life-giving air, water, soils, forests and oceans.

“We represent a constituency of 33 million women and men, already mobilised and ready to take action. We vote, we march, we petition, we have purchasing power. We will be heard and we will make change, so that future generations can have a livable planet.”

In addition to the declaration, summit delegates took their first collective action, committing to a Women’s Global Day of Action on Climate in 2014.

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