24 April 2013 —Australian researchers estimate that the global energy consumption by wireless networks will grow by 460 per cent – the equivalent of an extra 4.9 million cars on the road – over the next two years.

On the ABC’s Today Show, Rod Tucker, the director of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications, said that while data centres were a concern in terms of energy consumption, it was the wireless access network “which is even more of a concern”.

“We’re predicting that by 2015, based on current trends, that the wireless network connected to the cloud could generate as much CO2 as about 5 million new cars,” he said.

“We at the University of Melbourne are working with a global consortium called Green Touch which is working out ways to redesign the wireless network to make it much more energy efficient and what that’s going to mean is that there’ll be a lot of those large big towers will be replaced by a larger number of very small antennas in cities in particular is likely to help to reduce the amount of energy consumed.”

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