13 February 2013 — Engineering and construction company Wiley has worked with long-term clients, AJ Bush & Sons, an Australian meat by-products rendering company, to secure a $6.4 million  Clean Technology Food and Foundries grant to improve energy efficiency through the capture of biogas from anaerobic ponds which will fuel new energy-efficient boilers.

Wiley, which has formed an alliance with Low Carbon Australia to offer energy efficiency solutions for food and meat processing companies  will  assist AJ Bush & Sons  to reduce the carbon emission intensity for steam production by 64 per cent and improve local air quality by removing odorous biogas.

Wiley business development director Andrew Newby said food manufacturers were feeling the effects of increased costs across their operations thanks to energy pricing and the high Australian dollar.

“But through process, airconditioning, and refrigeration upgrades and biogas capture projects, businesses can transform their operations and position themselves for the long term,” he said.

“Our aim is to increase value to the client, reduce waste and maximise efficiency throughout all phases of a project.”

In 2012 Wiley claimed the Master Builders Association Brisbane Housing and Construction Award for Excellence in Sustainable Building for its complete redesign and refurbishment of the Brisbane Markets Fresh Centre at Rocklea.

The work included natural ventilation, high-performance laminated glass, rainwater harvesting and programmable airconditioning.

The company has also put its money where its mouth is by refurbishing its own Woolloongabba headquarters, from a high-security bank building into an energy efficient head office with natural light, has a building management system to customise control of energy use, and state-of-the-art air-conditioning.

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