Currambine Community Centre

10 July 2013 — City of Joondalup, which was crowned the world’s most liveable city in 2011, is now the first local government in Western Australia to achieve a 4 Star Green Star – Public Building Pilot rating for its new community centre.

Mayor Troy Pickard said the council had committed to the rating because it want to play its local part in the global challenge of responding to global issue such as environmental sustainability.

The city’s $4 million Currambine Community Centre recently received the Green Building Council of Australia’s tick of approval for environmentally and financially sustainable design.

The centre’s design includes a range of environmentally efficient features such as rain water harvesting for recycling, photovoltaic panels, passive solar design, energy efficient lighting and low water consumption appliances.

Troy PIckard

Mr Pickard said wherever practicable the city improved the eco-efficiency of its buildings and facilities by implementing environmentally sustainable design principles into the construction, renovation and retro-fitting of all building assets.

The city’s design principles include:

  • The use of low energy technologies for lighting, heating and cooling appliances and equipment
  • The use of renewable energy technologies
  • Increasing water efficiency and encouraging water re-use and water recycling for buildings and landscaping
  • Selecting sustainable building materials, such as locally sourced and recycled content;
  • Reducing the amount of waste that is created during the construction process by implementing waste management practices on site
  • Encouraging adaptability in the design and construction to ensure longevity of buildings
  • Increasing the indoor air quality of buildings by using low allergic and low volatile organic compound fittings, furniture, paints and adhesives
  • Utilising waterwise and native gardening techniques.

“Making small changes within our control is how we can make a measurable contribution to preserving and enhancing our local environment. It’s doing what we can locally to be part of the response to a global issue like environmental sustainability,” Mr Pickard said.

GBCA chief executive Romilly Madew said Green Star-rated buildings, like the Currambine Community Centre, were designed for higher levels of energy and water efficiency, so they were cheaper to operate and can save local governments – and ratepayers – thousands of dollars each year in energy and water bills.

“This Green Star rating provides the community of Joondalup with independent verification that their new building will save money, reduce consumption of precious resources, and provide a healthy, productive space for the community to enjoy,” she said.

The Currambine Community Centre is expected to be completed by October. It will combine a youth centre, playgroup for small children and parents, an activities room for fitness classes, and a main hall for functions.

The City of Joondalup has a history of being recognised on the national and international stage.

The City was named the World’s Most Liveable City of 2011 at the UN-backed annual International Awards for Liveable Communities for its healthy lifestyle opportunities, community involvement and best practice, innovation and leadership in providing a vibrant and sustainable community.

And at the United Nations Association of Australia World Environment Day Awards in Melbourne last year, the City won the Local Government – Excellence in Overall Environmental Management category.

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