BRIEF – 2 July 2009 – VicUrban’s Meridian project at Dandenong South, west of Melbourne, will incorporate urban orchards or productive landscapes to add to its sustainability features.

“The concept is more than promoting environment and natural habitat.  Its greater purpose is community building.  By connecting neighbours through the interaction and management of their neighbourhood landscape, a social foundation can be established to promote the cohesion of the community,” a media statement from VicUrban said.

“The growing popularity of dedicated community garden spaces for local food production was a starting point. In consultation with local experts and community gardens participants, it became apparent that the concept of local food production in the community had a much broader application overseas, particularly in Europe and the United States.”

Peter Crowley, a representative of VicUrban’s Urban Design team undertook a sabbatical to six major cities in the US, where he researched community gardening networks, urban farms, city farms, edible landscaped neighbourhoods, school gardens, and over 40 community gardens including some in newly developed residential areas, VicUrban said.

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