17 April 2013 — Victorian will become a national leader in waste management and resource recovery, with the release of the State Government’s Getting full value: Victoria’s Waste and Resource Recovery Policy.

The 30-year plan aims to grow the state’s economy by unlocking the hidden value from recovered materials while protecting the health of communities and the environment.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Ryan Smith the policy aimed to reduce Victoria’s growing waste generation and make the best use of the resources available from materials that were currently going to landfill.

Mr Smith said a critical Auditor-General’s June 2011 report found that “ineffective planning, leadership and oversight have resulted in inadequate co-ordination of implementation and limited progress” in reducing municipal waste.

“The Government is adopting a more sophisticated and sustainable approach to resource recovery to benefit our environment and economy for the next 30 years, with a major focus on allowing the markets to drive demand for resource recovery,” Mr Smith said.

“The northern metropolitan green waste recovery facilities, currently being built in Bulla and Wyndham, will alone unlock around $30 million of industry investment in infrastructure and around $200 million in local government expenditure over a 15-year period.

“It will also generate up to 100 new jobs during construction and dozens more ongoing employment opportunities.”

Mr Smith said the waste and resource recovery policy clearly identified the Government’s role to:

  • ensure markets can grow without undue burden from red tape
  • provide policy and regulatory certainty by identifying where and when infrastructure and services will be needed
  • strategically reinvest into the sector where appropriate.

The policy has been developed after extensive research and consultation with the waste industry, local and state government, business and the community.

Mr Smith said an independent expert advisory committee would soon recommend the best arrangements to co-ordinate and govern the waste sector.

Getting full value: Victoria’s Waste and Resource Recovery Policy is available at www.dse.vic.gov.au/waste

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