9 April 2013 — Vehicle-to-building technology, which makes energy stored in plug-in electric vehicle batteries available to commercial and residential buildings, is garnering new attention as PEV sales climb, a report has found.

The Navigant Research study, Vehicle to Building Technologies, forecasts nearly 200,000 PEVs outfitted with V2B technology will be sold from 2012 through 2020.

Despite that growth, V2B is still three to five years away from becoming a commercially viable technology due to the cost of retrofitting vehicles with the technology and tepid demand caused by a lack of customer understanding, according to the report.

The study examines the market potential for V2B technologies targeted at demand charge avoidance, peak shaving, time-of-use pricing and other utility energy pricing programs designed to reduce the cost of building operations and provide emergency backup power.

Read the full story in Environment Leader here.

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