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UPDATED 2 December 2009 – Tony Abbott’s press conference sees him firing on all cylinders vs ETS, rates, nukes

1:11 David_Speers Abbott only backs 5% target, considers nukes and no price on carbon. He’s just shifted the Coalition’s position a LOT further.

1:00 mfarnsworth What a difference a Liberal day makes: Senate rejects ETS; moderates cowed; nuclear power and uranium sales to India back on agenda…

12:57 latikambourke am I the only one confused about how Tony Abbott plans to reduce carbon emissions without introducing some sort of ‘tax?’ #climate

12:55 KarenMMiddleton @TurnbullMalcolm has tweeted his thanks to supporters. ‘Very disappointed the ETS has been blocked in the Senate.’ An understatement?#ets

12:55 BernardKeane Crikey deadline interfered with the Abbott presser. He has made a near-impossible task actually impossible for himself – see today’s email

12:47 KarenMMiddleton Tony says ‘we wont have an ETS going to the next election, nor any new tax.’ Remember that, folks.

12:45 mfarnsworth Abbott asked his position on resigned frontbenchers – says he asked all of the to resume their positions yesterday.

12:41 glengyron Could you journos not mention the speedos? Grow the fuck up… #ets

12:41 KarenMMiddleton Tony will not be buying new togs. His advice to the Speedo critics: if you dont like it, look away

12:40 mfarnsworth Abbott: Reshuffle will minimise disruption and reflect the “broad church” of the coalition.

12:38 KarenMMiddleton Tony says banks raising rates is the Govt’s fault. Off we go!

12:36 glengyron Abbott says they’ll have a ‘strong and effective’ climate policy…. then waffles and waves his hands in the air… #ets

12:35 mfarnsworth Abbott queried on India’s attitude to non-proliferation treaty but ignores question. #ets

12:34 mfarnsworth Julie Bishop promoting nuclear power and uranium sales to India in press conference with Abbott. #ets

12:32 KarenMMiddleton Abbott welcommes the Senate vote happy for Kev to cut a figure in Denmark but dont sink the econ. #senate

12:32 tzarimas Abbott: “a good day for the australian people” #senate #ets

Late Tweets – Fielding makes a move

5:21 latikambourke Fielding’s just been in with Hockey, Dutton and Minchin. He’s refused their plea to vote in favour of referring delaying ETS to ctte. #spill

5:12 latikambourke Okay, so Abbott, Hunt, Pyne, Bishop and Loughnanne all just vacated Joe Hockey’s office. Dutton and Minchin still in, possible w. Fielding.

4:44 sandraom Loughnane meets with hockey, hunt, Pyne, robb, bishop, Minchin, Abbott and dutton in joes office. Malcolm nowhere 2 b seen. Divvying spoils?

4:31 mishaschubert Grahame Morris says the Libs will have a new leader and it will be Joe. Says Malcolm has been throwing around napalm and agent orange.

4:28 BernardKeane Presumably Turnbull’s strategy is to intimidate Hockey into not entering so he has a fighting chance against Abbott. Perhaps it’s working.

3:40 KarenMMiddleton The story so far: Malcolm says Joe says he won’t move a spill. If someone else (Tony) moves it, it seems Joe will run. He wont say. Hmm.

2:25 pm update: Movement at the station in the last two hours starting with a meeting between Abbott and Bishop, Abetz, Minchin, Robb with Hockey before Hockey with Malcolm Turnbull. The meeting between Turnbull and Hockey in particular ending on a very sour note – the Opposition leader has since left the building, driven by his wife, Lucy, stating that his position had not changed.

2:23 KarenMMiddleton Turnbull: ‘No change to what I said yday & if you want to know what Mr Hockey’s doing, you should speak to Mr Hockey.’ (& leave us alone)

2:21 KarenMMiddleton Malcolm has manouevred thru the cameras wearing a smile as he left the building but it disappeared once he was in the car. Lucy drove.

2:05 jamesmassola Turnbull got straight into his car. Turnbull staffer has no comment other than he is going to lunch. No news on a presser #spill

2:03 latikambourke Malcolm Turnbull ‘I have nothing more to say, please leave Lucy and I alone.’ Personal observation: he was not in a good mood. #spill

2:01 KarenMMiddleton Meanwhile in the Senate, Penny Wong has her ‘I’m trying hard not to go ballistic’ voice on. Debate goes on and on and on and..

2:01 jamesmassola turnbull just left with Lucy “no comment” #spill

2:01 latikambourke Turnbull’s left his office. With ‘nothing more to say.’ #spill

1:59 David_Speers Source: Hockey-Turnbull meeting “did not end well”. No surprise there!

1:55 jamesmassola Brandis going to Joe jockeys office #spill

1:54 SSpencer_10 Grahame Morris says he has NOT been to see Turnbull. Lucy, however, is definitely in there.

1:47 latikambourke Talk Lucy Turnbull is with Malcom in his office. #spill

1:27 TrevorCook Check the photos, if you’ve never seen a canberra media death watch its gruesome – rubberneckers with mikes & cameras

1:23 KarenMMiddleton Cranky Sgt’s office staff sweeping journos, cameras away. Pack disperses, waits in loos, crtyards, lifts then creeps back. No MT or JH yet

1:21 jamesmassola Bishop and mirabella meeting in bishops office #spill

1:17 latikambourke Howard’s former Chief Of Staff, Graeme Morris, just headed into Turnbull’s office. #spill

1:08 KarenMMiddleton Cameras trained on all 3 doors of Turnbull’s office from available vantage points. Tense..

1:02 latikambourke Hockey’s left Turnbull’s office and is back in his own. #spill

12:51 jamesmassola Brian Loughnane federal director of liberal party just walked put of turnbulls office

12:45 samanthamaiden so that’s bishop and hockey in with turnbull now #spill

12:43 latikambourke Bishop out. Tightlipped. #spill

12:41 jamesmassola Abbott just told 30 odd journos Joe hockey will make up his own mind #spill

12:36 KarenMMiddleton Hordes gathering in hall, media, MPs, Sgt At Arms officials with ‘move-on’ in their eyes..

12:24 abcnews Joe Hockey in Malcolm Turnbull’s office now

12:17 mishaschubert Hockey has gone to meet Turnbull in his office. The long march.

11:57 samanthamaiden hockey just left his office with minchin and abetz

collated by Daniel Lavelle:

1.50 pm 27 November 2009 – from the social media and regular newsfeeds:

@latikambourke Greg Combet: “agreements are agreements,” calling on Joe Hockey to honour Malcolm Turnbull’s promise to vote on the ETS today.

@latikambourke on @Radio2UE Libs privately fear for Malcolm Turnbull’s mental state, following his pressers this week and refusal to face reality and quit.

@David_Speers: Turnbull won’t go. His supporters want Hockey. Hockey won’t challenge. But Hockey will run if vacancy. hmmm

@meadea: Clarification: ABC1 has dropped Stateline for a special on fed politics and Collectors for an Australian Story on Nigel Brennan.

@latikambourke: Turnbull supporters M.I.A today – George Brandis, Christopher Pyne, Scott Morrison….#spill

@mishaschubert Connie Fierravanti-Wells has quit as parl sec. Must have had her presel threatened – she spoke for the ETS deal in Tues partyroom #spill

Analysis from Chris Uhlmann “At the heart of Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22 is a brilliant paradox: if you plead insanity to avoid suicidal bombing missions then you must be sane and can’t be excused… There is an Australian inversion of Catch-22: if you want to lead the Liberal Party now you must be insane and shouldn’t be allowed to.”

Takeaway from The Australian:
“Mr Hockey has warned he does not want Malcolm Turnbull to resign, offering to unite the party if as expected the Liberal leader falls on his sword before Monday’s leadership spill.

“Senior Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott appears to be offering a olive branch to Joe Hockey’s leadership tilt this morning amid reports he could be installed as opposition treasury spokesman.”

UPDATE  4.30 pm 27 November 2009 – More tweets

While speculation swirled about the potential challengers to Malcolm Turnbull, the Senate became bogged down as a large crew of anti-ETS coalition senators saw to it that Labor’s 3:45 deadline for the bill’s passage came and went.

Here’s how the press gallery and their political junkie friends saw it from 2-4 pm

latikambourke Liberal partyroom meeting called for 9am Monday. #spill

sandraom Abbott tells AAP if Joe doesn’t put hand up he’s ” there with bells on”.

crankynick RT @tobiasziegler: Fielding hopes to delay this legislation until The Rapture. #senate

jamesmassola Minchin and abetz have not signed the spill motion document sent to chief whip somlyay

latikambourke Cory Bernardi calls Penny Wong a ‘High Priestess.’ Penny not amused.

latikambourke Penny twirls one thumb around the other.

tonyowright Fielding is dreadfully upset ‘cos Libs didn’t follow him, but now are, apparently. He’s confused and angry. Crikey.

GrogsGamut Fielding absolutely ripping into the Libs for double crossing the ALP

jamesmassola Barnaby – “I’ve been listening to Senator Fielding for 5 minutes and i can’t work out if he supports the amendment or not”

sunlightandsnow Joyce is interrupting Fielding. It’s the idiots interrupting the delayed #senate #spill

latikambourke Lib senators heading back into the chamber in case of a guillotine attempt on debate to try and force a vote on ETS.

From 3:00:

mishaschubert Statement from Abbott, Smith, Fifield, Mason, Bernardi, Mirabella, Johnson, Cormann, Bushby, Adams calling a spill 9am Mon #spill

penbo Bizarrely enough I just bumped into Malcolm Turnbull at a Sydney restaurant. He says he will survive. Short post here

tonyowright Penny’s just moved 36 amendments – domestic offset, agriculture etc.

mishaschubert Chris EVans slams Libs for refusing to back guillotine

SenatorLudlam #senate filling with senators and press gallery turns up. here goes..

Emma_Rodgers YOu did a deal with us! You made an agreement! Evans yells at Oppn. #senate

jamesmassola 15 Libs… Minchin has walked in. Albanese said last night vote was due at 3.45

crankynick Evans appears to be about to pull the bill #Senate #spill

murpharoo Evans: Senator Minchin, your plan was always to delay until you could get the leader you wanted installed.

jamesmassola I count 3 turnbull supporters and 18 skeptics

latikambourke Senator’s missing as the final ETS vote looms – Michael Ronaldson, George Brandis, Simon Birmingham, Marise Payne..

1petermartin The blade is raised. But not dropped! Senator Evans says the Senate will be back on Monday.

SenatorLudlam What a surreal waste of time

atikambourke Labor Senator Glen Sterle says the Opposition has a phd in filibustering. #spill

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