BRIEF – 17 February 2010 – Sustainable energy advocacy group, Beyond Zero Emissions, has launched Transition Decade, a 10 year campaign aimed at accelerating renewable energy solutions for Australia.

The launch on 14 February  saw the introduction of Beyond Zero Emission’s plan to cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Entitled the Zero Carbon Australia 2020 Stationary Energy Plan, it states that Australia can reach zero emissions electricity by 2020 if it were to invest $40 billion a year on solar power and wind technology.

Beyond Zero Emissions spokesman Mark Ogge told  The Age newspaper that the estimated investment was significant, but that it could not be measured within a short-term perspective.

“All these power plants pay themselves off over their lifetime,” he said. “When you finish we’ve got a brand new renewable energy system that is going to last 50 years at least and have no fuel costs.”

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