19 September 2013 — The University of Melbourne has three PhD positions available in contributive architecture and urban greenery with the Department of Engineering and Architecture.

The three-year full time positions, at $25,000-$29,000, start as soon as possible.

The first is for contributive architecture – a practice through which the built form aims to give to the community, repair and restore ecoservices and provide a general net benefit socially and environmentally.

The second is for urban greenery and UHI effect modelling – looking at how greenery combats the urban heat island effect and how to integrate that into our current modelling and simulation tools.

The third is for urban greenery and policy – building on the OECD report on Green Growth for Cities, using Melbourne case studies, what are the barriers, what are the opportunities and how will it make cities more resilient and liveable.

Details: Dominique Hes on (03) 8344 4230, 0425 765 688 or dhes@uimelb.edu.au

Closing date is 1 October.

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