The Greenpeace action

22 October 2010 – Above is the latest ad from Greenpeace to heap scorn on the financial mechanisms that keep dirty power powerful.

“Despite claiming it ‘lives in your world’, ANZ is officially Australia’s dirtiest bank,” Greenpeace said of the bank’s financing of the brown coal power station at Yallourn in Victoria.

“Yallourn is the third most polluting power station in Australia and one of many that ANZ finances with our money,” Greenpeace said yesterday.

“And just this morning, we paid a visit to ANZ’s Queensland HQ to do a bit of rebranding – Greenpeace style…

“Despite pledging to be carbon neutral by 2009, ANZ is the biggest financer of dirty coal power in Australia. Without the finance provided by ANZ and the other big banks – Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac – it is unlikely that new coal power stations would be built. And with 12 new coal power stations in the pipeline, now is the time to act. “

The ABC website last night reported that four Greenpeace activists were arrested over the incident and charged with trespassing and engaging in high risk activities, but were granted bail and are due to appear in court next month.

ANZ says it is Australia’s leading renewable energy financer and provides for 1145 megawatts of wind power projects as well as landfill gas, waste coal seam methane, hydro-electric and geothermal power stations, the ABC said.

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